Rules of Conduct for SOS

What Happens in SOS Stays in SOS

Except that isn’t really true.

Remember that your in-game behavior affects people even after your match ends. Try not to carry your in-game rivalries with you outside the bounds of SOS, but be aware that this may happen. In SOS, as in life, every action has a natural consequence. Sometimes those consequences may not manifest themselves inside the game. Nevertheless, with SOS, we strive to foster an inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere for all players.

Our Community Code of Conduct is in place to help ensure that we offer all players a safe and fun environment in which they can put on their best performance. If you feel another player of SOS (each player, a “Contestant”) is hampering your ability to perform by violating any of these rules, the Mute and Report functions within SOS will allow you to bring it to the attention of Outpost Games staff.

The Code of Conduct is not meant to be exhaustive, and we reserve the right to modify it at any time, as well as take appropriate disciplinary measures including account termination and deletion to protect the integrity and spirit of SOS.

In addition to this Code of Conduct, your access and use of SOS is governed by the SOS Game Terms of Service and Outpost Privacy Policy.

We enforce the SOS code of conduct across all community platforms. Your behavior in SOS and on social channels such as Reddit, Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, will also be bound by this Code of Conduct.

  1. Cheaters Never Prosper

    Any activity that gives you an unfair advantage over your opposing Contestants is strictly prohibited. This includes teaming, exploiting bugs, glitches, or using third party software or site to gain an unfair advantage.

    Why This Rule: The integrity of the SOS experience is of primary importance to everyone at Outpost Games. Players should use skill, creativity, and social manipulation to survive on La Cuna Island; not cheats and hacks.

    Cheating includes a wide variety of actions that give you an unfair advantage over other Contestants. Using third-party applications, macros, exploits, or any client-side hacks is not permitted and will result in action against your account.

  2. Don’t Threaten Me

    Threats of real world violence or retribution against other players or Outpost Games employees are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

    Why This Rule: SOS is a competitive game and tensions often run high. Even if you as a Contestant aren’t “here to make friends,” you are still expected to treat other players with civility and refrain from any threats pertaining to real world action.

  3. No Harassment

    Harassment can take many forms. None of those forms are permitted here.

    Why this Rule: SOS is an inclusive game that welcomes people from all walks of life to become Contestants and compete to be the ultimate survivor. Harassing your fellow Contestants does not constructively contribute to the spirit of fair play and cutthroat camaraderie SOS aims to foster.

    Harassment includes but isn’t limited to offensive or abusive comments about other Contestants, sexual advances, or choosing to attack a Contestant based on their race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, etc. Hate speech of any type will not be tolerated.

  4. No Illegal Activities

    If it's illegal in the real-world, it is illegal in SOS and may have real-world consequences.

    Why this Rule: While role-playing in SOS is encouraged, our goal is to keep all of our players safe, and any illegal activity found in-game will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

  5. No Impersonation of Outpost Employees

    Players may not pose as or claim to be Outpost Games employees for any reason.

    Why This Rule: Outpost Games is dedicated to offering a safe, fun environment in which Contestants can battle to the death. Outpost employees may occasionally appear in game, but they will never ask you for your account or personal information. Nor will they provide you with a strategic advantage so please do not ask for one.

  6. No Account Sharing, Selling, or Trading

    Your account is yours alone. Do not give other players access to your account and do not access accounts of other players.

    Why This Rule: In order to protect the security of your account and the integrity of the game, account sharing, selling, trading, or otherwise acquiring an account is prohibited. This protects both you and the players around you.

  7. Private Information is Private

    Do not share the private or personal information of other players or yourself.

    Why This Rule: This expectation is in place to ensure the safety and security of all of our players. Sharing personal information can impact the security of your account as well as jeopardize players’ real world safety. For more information regarding the information we collect, and how we use and share such information, please read the Outpost Privacy Policy.

  8. No Spamming

    When communicating with other SOS players, you may not spam repetitive messages repeatedly.

    Why This Rule: Spam can make for an unpleasant experience for all players.

    Communication during games of SOS should mostly revolve around what is going on in game.

  9. No False Reporting

    Players may use the in-game reporting system if they notice another Contestant violating these standards. This reporting system is not-to-be-used to harass, intimidate, or otherwise harm other players.

    Why This Rule: The reporting tool allows players an opportunity to help improve the play experience for everyone. False reporting hurts the integrity of our investigations and makes for a worse experience for all players.

  10. No Bad Names

    Names must adhere to all other behavior expectations

    Why This Rule: Behavior of Contestants is important and this extends to the name you designate for yourself on SOS. All Contestants are welcome to compete to be the ultimate survivor and your name not should violate our standards.

    Names that violate our Code of Conduct will be changed. Additional action may be taken against the offending account if necessary.

  11. Stream Sniping

    Do not deliberately use knowledge gained from watching a stream to track and kill the player being watched. Instructions for how to report a player in-game can be found here.

    Why This Rule: SOS is about performance. Part of every performance is how a player interacts with the audience. While we want the audience to actively participate, purposely finding a streamer to say toxic or inappropriate things on their channel, sabotage their match, or otherwise ruin their experience is strictly against the spirit of SOS.

  12. Ban Evasion

    If you have have been suspended or perma banned from the game, you are to cease use of the game until the ban is lifted and should not attempt to circumvent the suspension of the ban by starting new accounts.

    Why This Rule: If you have been suspended from SOS, you likely needed a cooling off period and time to reflect on the incident. Use this time to prevent a permanent ban. Continuing to violate our COC will not get you your account back any faster and will likely result in a perma ban. We reserve the right to take legal action to ensure the safety and experience of our players in accordance with our Terms of Service.

  13. Mic Abuse

    Do not use the mic to abuse, harass, spam, or give out another contestants position in a fit of rage.

    Why This Rule: This is considered harassment of your fellow Contestants and does not constructively contribute to the spirit of fair play and cutthroat camaraderie SOS aims to foster.